Videographer - Worth it or Not?

We've been asked many times over whether a videographer is really needed at a wedding especially if you've got a photographer as well.

Well from my own point of view I would say very definitely worth it.  When I got married I decided not to go with a videographer and immediately regretted it.  

The day goes so fast and there were things going on around me on my big day that I would have loved to have captured ...  our vows with the celebrant  (the laughter and the tears of saying those special words);  capturing family members making memories with us as lets face it we are all getting older.  But what I regret most of all is not having a record of the music we had chosen that had special meaning to both of us.

  This is where a videographer comes in to capture all of those treasured moments.

Wendy Stratton - Managing Editor at Matrimony Magazine UK®


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We created the company about 7 years ago, with the aim to produce natural, high quality, emotional wedding films, whilst being very unobtrusive in the process.

We have won 5 wedding awards, for best videographer, all voted for, by our previous clients, This is something of which we are really proud.

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